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Devoted To Difference Makers.

The Annex Charitable Foundation, Inc.’s primary purpose is to provide financial support to existing charitable “difference makers” that support the local communities in Wisconsin. This financial support will be given to organizations for projects that add energy and vitality to the communities they serve and that provide support to a variety of charitable needs.


Annex Cares.

Through the years, Annex Wealth Management has supported key charities and community organizations.
The Annex Charitable Foundation will continue to demonstrate our care and support for difference makers.

Putting Our Money Where Our Heart Is 

Annex Wealth Management believes insurance is part of a comprehensive financial plan. If an Annex client purchases insurance from a broker we recommend, all profits from those insurance sales will go directly to the Annex Charitable Foundation.

What We Do

The Annex Charitable Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation operating exclusively for charitable purposes. The Foundation supports charitable purposes that its board deems beneficial to society.

Our Story

Since its inception, Annex Wealth Management, LLC has demonstrated a heart for supporting difference makers in local communities, entities that include churches, schools, athletic clubs, women’s groups, and charitable organizations like Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and The Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation. The Annex Charitable Foundation, Inc. is the next evolutionary step of Annex Wealth Management’s care.